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XM radio and Climate preconditioning

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When I use remote climate, either by WiFi or key fob, the XM stations do not work when I get in to drive unless I let the system reset by waiting about 30 seconds. Dealer says yes that is an issue and we will relate that to Honda for consideration and let you know. 8 months later and no solution. Is it just my Clarity or have others experienced this issue?
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This definitely remains an issue. What does concern me is that Honda dealers appear unaware of when to apply service bulletins to correct issues - I went into the dealer to have the 4 basic recalls installed and had to request the dealer to install the addional -97 SB which’s corrects a failed charge on public charging systems due to voltage out of limits. The issue is now corrected with the software upgrade, but the dealer would not have installed it without my requesting it.
I have this exact problem. No resolution yet.
Easy fix for this problem. Just allow the onscreen graphics in the dash to finish before pressing the start button. XM radio will then work!
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