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The other day I noticed that the windshield washer disburses an ample amount of fluid onto the windshield, and so was curious to see if it possibly the fluid needed to be topped up. So I pulled out the fluid gauge to judge how much fluid was left.

Our gauge is a long transparent piece of plastic with holes at the bottom, presumably to fill up with liquid so we could see the level, and two markings where it would be 1/4th full and where it would be 1/2 full. No indicator where it was full. I could see -- nothing. I added a bit of fluid and checked the gauge -- nothing. Added more fluid -- nothing. Then I thought, why would I want to use a seeable washer fluid that would stick opaquely to the surface of the gauge or any other surface!? Of course I would want it to be as transparent as possible. I shall stick with my X-Rain. So, I am finding the gauge almost useless.

I wonder if the Honda engineers also felt that way, and gave up half way through and that is why there is no Full indicator on the gauge!?

Any wisdom from the Clarity community as to its practical successful use would be appreciated.
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