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Why can't the function of honda link be realized?

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I bought a honda clarity in 2018. I currently cannot use honda link to view the dashboard remotely. I cannot find and enable the diagnosis and location functions. Does my car do not support hondalink's remote view dashboard function? Remote start function, how can these functions be realized。
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I am afraid that the Honda does not offer these services because they are collecting data for their own research.

We only get limited access as we don't pay a fee for remote monitoring/controls.

Maybe if Honda would offer a pay for subscription model where we have more features, it might be a seller....

Does Honda offer enhanced services to other models ??

My recent car (Land Rover) had all those features (remote start, remote off road climb/descent control, advanced traction controls, diagnostics, remote window & sunroof controls, delayed / arm-disarm security, etc...) but I had to pay $19.95 per month so I expected to have more features....
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