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We the north

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I live in Orillia Ontario, about 100 miles north of Toronto,.I had to go to that area to buy Clarity as local dealer is not an authorized Clarity dealer.
Picked car up on May 27th. Even they were not to smart on the car, The one I test drove had no charge in Ev battery, and when I picked up My car, EV Battery was on ZERO too! Drove the 50 miles home on Gas and charged over night, before I even got to really test drive on EV. Move up from a Prius V.
I like the car and show it off to all the "guys"
My question is If I drive to Toronto and want to save the electric for city driving , how Do I do it? Went to city yesterday, drove the 50 miles electric then rest of day on Gas.
Next is Canadian readings. It gives in L per 100k(5.1) I can change the KPH to MPH but not the Temp etc.
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OK, Page 16 shows how to run engine and charge battery when on the highway etc,
also figured out that gas mileage does change when you switch the MPH but looks like I'm stuck with Celcius(YUCK)
I spend winters in Florida and will never know what the temp. is outside.(I grew up before Canada changed to Celcius )
Yes .. HV mode is what you want .. it maintains the battery level on the highway and runs like a regular hybrid.
HV+ if you hit HV again and hold it .. will actually charge the battery.
How are you loving it so far?
When you start the car up, make sure it is in 'ECON" mode.
This will ensure you are are starting off in the most economical EV only mode.

Switch to HV mode when going on highways/freeways that sustained speeds are over 90KMh.

Then switch back to EV (press HV once) when you exit the high speed roadway to get back onto city driving with maximum battery regen.

Use your regen paddles to gain as much energy when coasting to a stop.

That's what I do.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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