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I want to install new speakers/tweeters (front & rear) and also install either a 2 or 4ch Amp. No subs.

Is the Clarity 2019 Hybrid radio compatible with amps? I noticed the Clarity radio even has a Sound setting for subwoofer volume but I don't think it's obviously doing anything.

Again, I don't want a sub but I'm assuming there has to be some external output for the radio to connect to an aftermarket AMP for the Front & Rear speakers to have some extra power.

The current Honda speakers rattle too much in the front even with low bass settings. The treble is also extremely sensitive and rather too high if I barley increase the treble. My favorite sound settings (using Sirius compression or USB/CarPlay hardwired music) is Bass +1or+2 above middle. Mid is -3or-4 below the middle. Treble is at the center or +1 above. But I still have to increase the volume almost to the max to enjoy most musical my kind of loud without distortion.

Edit: Last quote I got was well over $2,000 USD including install and accessories for 4 speakers (front = speakers and tweeters, rear= no tweeters) and one multi channel amp. Just the speakers was around $1,100 with install. I dunno if it's due to WW3 prices or what but I'm gonna keep looking around the area.
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