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Touring standard items?

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Various Honda blurbs allude to heated seats, heated steering wheel, dimming mirror and backup camera, etc.

all as options. When I go to Build my Touring, none of those are listed as options. They are also not touted as standard features. Are those items actually standard on the Touring?

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Honda has been pulling back on the Touring features. The heated seats, dimming mirror, and backup camera, etc. were part of the 2018 Touring. Heated steering wheel wasn't. The 2018 also has a two position memory for drivers that's keyed to the key that opens the car.
Thanx for the reply. I've gotten better info from reviews like Car & Driver than from the Honda site. It seems like heated seats, dimming mirror and Lane Watch TV are all standard, though maybe that review was pre-2021. Guess I'll have to actually contact my sales guy to find out. Then comes the onerous search for a red Touring. Apparently NO inventory in the Richmond VA area. Though there are some if I expand to NC.
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