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Software updates - Estimated Mileage way off both gas and EV

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So based on my recent Honda visit where they replaced my windshield washer pump under CPO warranty. I found out that when you take the car to the Honda dealer they don't automatically update all the corrected software glitches unless you request / complain. There were a couple of software updates - I said please do all the software updates that are available and the price was right $0. There were two software updates- not sure what the second update was. One software update fixes the faulty gas mileage estimate you know the 1,000 miles on gasoline which is crazy, and EV range I am guessing that it is more accurate as the number went up after the update. Anyway once less thing to complain about so if you have this issue you don't have to live with that problem.

Hope this is helpful to someone dealing with a similar issue.
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After this type of software update the car will need to relearn your driving habits to give you good estimates again.
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