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Hello fellow Clarity owners or 'thinking of being a Clarity owner'. Previously I had a new 2010 Toyota LE and before that a new Toyota Yaris. Still own a 2010 Corolla SE. I did a lot of research and test driving. My research and showroom visits, test drives led to wanting to final choose between a Kia Optima Hybrid Plugin, Hyundai Sonata Hybrid Plugin. Greater Cincinnati area does not offer the Plugins for Kia or Hyundai. I wanted a car that offered greater driving comfort for my two grown teenagers in the back seat along with a guest when necessary. I REALLY DO NOT get the negative reviews for the Clarity at all. I love the vehicle- my family loves it too. Decided to pay to have the circuit installed for the ChargePoint 2.0 and am using it too. Best was my son who wanted me to look into a Tesla is 'blown away' by the tech of the Clarity too. We did not go for the Touring model as we just didn't see the benefits for the extra costs and very much dislike that plant like suede covering and did not trust that it would hold up. Well anyway, I have only seen one other Clarity on the road since purchasing. The $7500 tax rebate, the halving of fuel costs AND the first ever affordable financing comparable to Toyota's got me this Clarity too. I am a proud owner of a Magnetic Steel Clarity and hope to share and get helpful tips on how to get the most from this vehicle.
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