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So far 4 letters + 3 solicitation calls from SiriusXM !

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I have had my Clarity for the last 4 months, during which time I have received 4 letters and 3 phone calls from SiriusXM, so far, trying to get me to subscribe. I am curious, for those who have owned the car longer, how much longer these solicitations will continue!?

I have been enjoying Apple Car Play which allows me to listen to the music that I collected and love, plus any audiobooks that I have downloaded, plus podcasts. Living in Southern California I have found several FM stations that I also enjoy listening to. I have found no reason to even sample the offerings of SiriiusXM. I have no idea why they think that because they have 130 channels I will be more interested in what they have assembled rather than what I have selected.

How do I get rid of them !?
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Eventually, they will give up. I think it took about 6 months before I stopped getting offer letters from them.
That’s gonna be the case for just about any car that comes with Sirius, XM, or Sirius XM. They stopped mailing me about 7 months in. My parents and brother had the same experience (Hyundai, Jeep, Kia).
Thanks. Only 2-3 months to go ...!
I've never received any calls for my 2017 Volt but I get a letter about every other month. I don't think our Clarity has received any calls yet but we've gotten three letters in the first month of ownership.
I am now up to 6 letters from SiriusXM! I got two more this month (7th month of ownership!)
I agree, why bother with SiriusXM? Poor audio quality, tons of commercials, annoying DJ's. I prefer Google Music through Android Auto. No commercials and exactly what I want to listen to.
I am already on my 7th letter, 3 of them before my trial subscription ended on 4/21, 4 afterwards. 'Unfortunately' I have an iPod classic with 15K+songs, Pandora, Spotify, Amazon Music, and Apple Music so why in heaven would I need Sirius XM? My recycling trash can will keep growing, happy to hear they eventually give up!
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