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It's now been over 2 months since the explosion in Santa Clara that disrupted H2 supply. What's the current status? Are Clarity Fuel Cell (FCEV) (and Mirai) lessees frustrated enough to bail out of their leases?

I've been watching the development somewhat keenly as I suddenly started getting calls from dealers in the area about taking delivery of Clarity FCEV, and I haven't even put down a deposit. My how tables have turned... only a few months ago it was 'pay a deposit to get on the waiting list, and we'll call you in no sooner than 4 months,' and now they're begging to take the delivery.


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That's interesting!

When I was originally looking at the Clarity in So Cal, I was leaning towards the FCV - there were none and all had waiting lists.
The dealer wanted full price and would not negotiate off full MSRP.
I was close to 3 H2 stations that were "free" fuel to me so that was my original interest.

Because of the lack of the FCV Clarity, when I needed to pick one up, I ended up with the PHEV as they were more plentiful and got lots of discounts, incentives, etc...

Now the tables are definitely turned around - wish I was in the same market at you last year...
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