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Safety / Crash Tests / Peace of Mind / Power-Loss

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Sorry for blowing up this forum with a bunch of posts at once-- just have a bunch of questions before I buy!

This is really the biggest one-- the lack of crash tests is a huge hurdle for my peace of mind buying this car. The only data I found at all that relates to the safety of the car is insurance losses by make & model, which look good, but it's not totally clear whether these numbers reflect how limited the distribution of Claritys is.

Have you all encountered any data, crash tests, or anything to give a little more peace of mind about the safety of the car? Of course Honda's track record is very good on this, but hoping for something a little more concrete than "well their other cars are safe"

Also-- wondering if anyone can confirm or deny whether the 2018 power loss issue folks have reported has been fixed or is still happening commonly?

Thank you!!
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As the Clarity is based on the Accord platform with a heavier GVWR due to the batteries, I'd say you are very safe car like the Accord. I have heard of many accidents, but nothing serious of injury to people...

As for power loss, I have not had an issue with my first year 2018 at 25,000 miles and I would say most everyone here will agree that an issue is rather uncommon since it is a Honda - a Honda made in Japan which again is rare!

If you are worried, purchase the GAP insurance for the finance portion to ease your mind in the event of a total or loss.

Here's the Accord model safety from IIHS:
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The reports of power loss seem to be quite rare, I have only seen one report on a Clarity forum by someone who experienced the problem. Most of the complaints are on the NHTSA website, about twenty reported cases on there from what I remember. About 35,000 Clarities have been sold, and while forums like this represent only a small sample of Clarity owners, if it was a widespread problem I think we would be hearing about it more. And from what I remember the person who reported it on this forum was not a regular member, so like most people with a problem they started seeking out information on forums. Again I think if it was a widespread problem among the 35,000 Clarities out there we would have more people coming onto forums like this looking for answers.
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