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Ride, Car sickness, and tire recommendation

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My kids are prone to car sickness and while I like the ride of the Clarity OK, it does seem to affect them more than my previous (2002) Accord. I’m not sure how I would describe the ride. Sometimes I want to say too bouncy but other times too stiff.
I’ve tried to switch off the Vehicle Stability Assist but that doesn’t appear to help them much.
Any thoughts?
I’m getting ready to get new tires so I’m wondering if there are some that might help with this issue (and are quiet). I’m willing to take the MPG hit.
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I remember when I was young driving in the mountains made me sick.
Sitting in the front will help a lot.
If sitting in the back, don't really think tires will make a difference since the rear suspension is the same.

The Clarity drives like an Accord but heavier so I don't think the drive is too different.
Put more air into the tires to stiffen the ride. This will also reduce side to side sway from the tire sidewalls. I run my wife's Clarity at 40 PSI and there's a noticeable improvement in ride quality from the door placard to 40 PSI.
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