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In my experience, the paddles will get you the most energy in long, drawn-out stops or to slow down.

If you're going off the freeway on an exit ramp, I use the paddles until I need to brake. If I see a red light and the traffic isn't too heavy, I'll paddle down and usually don't have to come to a stop before the light goes green (unless it's a long red light :sad:).

For short stops (e.g. coming to a stop sign or braking in traffic), I recommend just using the brakes as you'll need them anyway and your reaction time is better. The regen needle goes just as far down while braking with the peddle and no paddles as it does paddling down to >>>> and braking with the peddle.

(I don't know if that's any help but if it is I'd love to know :grin:)
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