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After a year of seeing a range of 350 miles or so in the summer dropping to 300 in the winter for some reason this summer I am seeing a range available of 400+. I thought maybe this was not accurate but I went on a long trip last week and decided to see if I could go the displayed distance, which was 435 miles. At 400 miles the low fuel light came on and I refueled at the next station. It took 6.2 gals. One of my complaints with my clarity is the small gas tank, so being able to go this far on a tank is great, at least in the summer. I drive 65 mph so that helps a lot.

Don't know why the picture isn't clear, the origional was fine . tried to remove it but doesn't seem to be any way.


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From the factory all cars are preset with the EPA efficiency numbers. As you drive they learn and adapt. Each manufacturer uses a different rolling efficiency period to update the GOM range display (Guess-O-Meter). Chevy uses 50 miles or 100 KM (depending on the country). I don't know what Honda uses but I suspect it's similar - too long and it's useless to handle changing conditions and too short and it's all over the place.
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