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Purchased 2018 with very low mileage

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I’m located in So Cal. I purchased the 2018 Touring model with only 7k miles. I love this car. Though sometimes I feel like I need an IT certification to get the most out of the car. I hope this forum will provide tips/tricks and quirks regarding this vehicle.
Thank you to the moderators/creators of this forum.
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Welcome to the forum!
You will find lots of useful info - remember to do a search on this community...

I love my 2018 and it has rolled into 41,000 miles - still going strong and has not dropped range even over 3 years of daily driving.

Did you get the CA HOV carpool exemption sticker to let you drive solo on the carpool lanes ?
I know it's not my Wife's Clarity - hers has less than 8,000 miles and is a 2018.
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