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Problems using both a 110 and 220 charger at home.

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I have a 220 charge that shares my clothes dryer outlet using a box that allows me to plug both in. This worked perfectly for over 4 years. Recently my 220 cable will start charging but displays a "fault" message, and then it stops. We started using the 110 charger and it did better until the last few days. It simply stops charging. I have scheduled charging set up at night when our electricity is free. However, we've always been able to manually charge during the day if we needed to. Now it seems that neither the 220 or the 110 will let us start charging manually, and last night the 110 did not charge at the set time. FWIW, we've never had an issue with the dryer functioning fine, whether are not the car was charging while it was on.

I took it to my Honda dealer. They told me it charged just fine on their charger, and charged me about $200 for the privilege of that information. Interesting, I had to explain how the key fob works to them. They said they never see these plug-ins.

I've since learned that there are several service bulletins on this issue, and I'm assuming the Honda techs didn't bother to look and see. I'm about to go back to the shop, and I'm wondering if anyone has a list of the SB numbers that are out there related to this problem.

I've read responses to similar issues, but none that actually fit my problem. If anyone has any ideas about this, I'm listening. Also if someone knows how I can get a list of SB numbers, I'd appreciate it.

Thanks so much for any time anyone gives to this.
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What brand charger are you using ?

Have you tried another charger ?

It may be defective....
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