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Paint scratched off the Drive Button 🤣

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Hey guys. New-to-me ‘18 plug-in—the previous owner scratched off some of the paint/marking on the Drive button. Has anyone else had that issue, and if so what did you do about it? I’m trying to figure out if I can stencil it or freehand or what—what kind of paint to use—etc.
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I have the same issue/question. Any answer?
I think I’m gonna try taping it off with painters tape and then an acrylic paint fine-tipped marker. I just wish I knew for certain if the D was imprinted into the button or if I’m imagining it. 🤣 I can’t really tell.
I noticed the same thing yesterday -- the "D" is almost worn off, and the "P" (for Park) isn't far behind. Surprising, I'd think that Honda would do a better job of labeling!
I asked a dealer. There is no easy swapping solution. The whole module has to be replaced…
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