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Owner for 18 months in Miami

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Hey all,

Just wanted to introduce myself. I bought the PHEV new in December 2018. Been loving it ever since. Previously owned an Accord, Inisght (Gen 2), and Volt prior to purchasing this car. I also recently found out the Clarity was only sold new in FL for the 2018 model year so I guess I'm one of the lucky few to have one here - I've only ever seen maybe one other Clarity here since then.

Other things of note:

(1) This is the only car my wife and I drive on a regular basis. We also own a work truck for our business and she has access to a company car as well, but the Clarity takes on >90% of our miles ever year to the tune of ~15k

(2) We live near the beach in North Miami so heat and salt spray are a daily thing.

(3) We drive on electric for ~75-80% of our miles - the range extender is really only used for trips to the Keys or to Orlando though for obvious reasons this has not been a regular occurrence in recent months.

Overall I'm very happy with the car. Only one relatively minor issue which I'll discuss in the appropriate thread. Glad to 'meet' you all.
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Welcome aboard!

Glad to hear that your Clarity works well in FL.

Do let us know what you are having an issue with ?
Hey there. Just joined. Just got a like new 2018 Clarity, I'm in Miami as well (South Miami). I also had a Gen2 Insight previously and had an Accord Plugin for the last four years (until some kids in a Jeep ran me off the road). Anyway very happy with the Clarity, love the aerodynamics when going over the causeways. Feels a lot more stable than the Accord in heavy crosswinds.

It's funny without taking any trips to Orlando now, I sort of worried the gas in my tank might get old, since I never use it.

Anyway just saying hi, hope your Clarity is treating your well. Btw my 2014 Accord Plugins hybrid battery died in 2018, Honday replaced it under warranty. Not sure if it heat/salt had anything to do with it, but I heard a lot of bad things about those batteries after 4-5 years. Hopefully they got all that stuff figured out. But as soon as the battery failure light came on Honda replaced it, no questions asked, no hassle, so that made me feel good about going with the Clarity
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