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Only california has clarity plug in hybrids

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Just read on EV Forum that all inventory has been sent to California. No Clarities will be available to see at any dealers outside of CA. They state that any Honda dealer can order a plug in hybrid for you, but it would be sight unseen and no hands on driving before sale. Several people were told by various dealers that they would NOT order a Clarity Plug in hybrid for them!

I own and love our 2018 Clarity, but now wonder how to get it serviced if no dealers are selling them. Technicians will have no idea what they are working on and have few if any opportunities to learn!

Very disappointed in Honda for not supporting one of the best plug in hybrids out there!!
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In Indiana most dealers will not sell or service them. However, the Honda Dealer in Terre Haute does sell and service them. I have been very happy with their support.
Clarity uses the same hybrid system as the Accord hybrid and the Insight, so there is no reason any dealer can't service them, but if one refuses then you wouldn't want to take it there anyway if that's their attitude. Dealers mostly make money on service not sales, so if they don't want your business you go somewhere else, although that could mean a longer drive unfortunately.

Some people worry that mechanics won't be able to work on it if they have never seen one before, but it's no different than when a new model of any type comes out, or even a popular model that has an uncommon problem that the mechanic has never seen, they are provided detailed instructions to follow. They do need training on hybrid systems but again they likely already have had that training for the Accord and Insight. It may in some cases however take them longer depending on what the problem is compared to say an Accord or Civic, and also parts might take longer to get.
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It's sad that Honda won't stock the Clarity PHEV in CA but I think it's because CA has a demand.
Look at how fast the Clarity sells in CA (time of port arrival to dealer sale) compared to how slow it moves in other states (look at 2018 still on lots).

Also, I am currently (yesterday) having to pay $5/gal on fuel when the rest of the nation is almost half price, I know why Californians want this car.

Honda dealers should not discriminate servicing any Honda vehicles - old, new or different.
Honda service dept makes the bulk of their money for the dealership.
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