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I live in a suburb of Atlanta, purchased my 2018 Touring a week ago today. Have been interested in electric cars ever since the GM EV1 came out in the late 90's. In 2002 I purchased a Prius when they were practically non-existent, it was months before I saw another one on the road. They were so rare that when Prius drivers passed each other they would always wave.

In 2006 there was a $3,150 hybrid tax credit so I upgraded to Gen II Prius. What a great car, thirteen years and 156,000 miles of nearly flawless operation. Was really sorry to give it up but there was now the plug-in hybrid credit beckoning. I almost bought a Prius Prime, but I decided that after seventeen years of driving a Prius it was time to move up to something more comfortable. The Clarity is all that and more. I absolutely love ACC and LKA, I guess my expectations were set lower compared to some people because I know this is still relatively new technology. But I think it works great as an assist, I feel like it's a copilot and we are driving together.

Most days I don't use the entire EV range and overnight charging is almost always good enough so I plan to stick with 120 charging for the time being, no rush for me to get Level 2 as it would not pay for itself in my case after factoring in installation cost, even with the $250 rebate we get in Georgia. Maybe later. The great thing is in Georgia they have a plug-in vehicle rate plan where you can charge practically for free between 11:00pm and 7:00am which will cover most of my needs. The only downside is you then pay astronomical rates for peak period which is 2:00pm to 7:00pm weekdays during the summer, so I will have to program my house thermostat to minimize air conditioning use during those times.

I am only a fraction of the way through reading the owners manual :surprise: but I have already figured out quite a lot on my own and look forward to learning more.
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