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Oil & Filter Change Coming Up, How Much to Add?

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Coming up on an oil change due and decided to check the oil level. Engine hasn’t run in maybe 22 hours. It’s cold out, maybe 40s F. Level looks overfilled on other side, this side of stick shows this. Can’t remember how much I added last oil change. How much do you add if you DIY? I use Rhino Ramps in the front so the car is not level during the oil change. I assume that matters some? (I’ve included a picture of the overfull side it was sitting on the towel so some may have gotten absorbed creating a little bare spot. It’s overfull on that side…

Thanks for any input.


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The overfull stick is the one that looks more overfull. The one with the gap is the one I’m questioning how to read…
I usually put in a little over 3 quarts with filter, then drive it of the ramps and recheck, it's under 4 total
You have to check it with the car level.
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Thank you. I read officially it's 3.5 qt with filter. I have tried 3 qt 4 oz. (I saw I noted it on this forum somewhere in a post). I guess the next step to try is 3 qt. I'll report what I get. (The maintenance minder says 6 weeks last I checked yesterday. My son drove himself to school today so I did not see it. That usually means 4 weeks, 2 weeks less)...
I don't think it is really critical if you are between 3 and 4 quarts, last oil change I got closer to 4 quarts and it is covering the whole plastic part on the stick. No issues that I can tell.
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I checked again another morning and it is maybe 3 mm from the maximum line. We were about 4 weeks from due at the time, (cold engine). May try 3 qt or 3 qt 2 oz this time arround…
So I changed the oil on the 25th. I replaced 3 qts per measuring funnel. I let it be until this morning. (I believe my son used some gas/ran the ice yesterday driving around). It’s maybe 2 - 3 mm above the minimum, (too low for comfort). I start the engine in Maintenance mode and get her warmed up. I wait 5 mins and measure again. Same level, only now the dipstick is warm. I grab a Pyrex measuring cup and (since I remember trying 4 oz) I add 2 oz. Still between min and middle, I add 4 oz, then another 4 oz, then sick of how tedious this is getting I add 6 oz. It is now comfortably between half way and full. (Before you note the instructions say to top off until the full mark I should disclose my driveway is not level, so not knowing how that skews things I just leave a little room when taking fluid measurements in the cars)…
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