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Multiple folks have asked about need/timing for oil changes etc. For those interested in the science...below is a link to a Blackstone Labs report which details a recent oil sample.

Time between oil change...1 year
Miles on ICE since last oil change...3432.
This particular Clarity runs ~75% of the time in EV mode...~25% ICE.

A commonly found, name brand synthetic 0w-20 which meets or exceeds Honda specs was used.

The oil filter is a name brand, extended life filter which was originally put on 1 year ago at first OCI was not changed this time around.

With only 3432 miles on the ICE during the last extended life oil filter can easily go one more round...heck probably a third round as well. Time is not the enemy of a quality oil filter designed and built with full synthetic media.

Rumor has it Honda dealerships routinely keep OEM filters on for 2 or more oil changes...and may or may not tell the customer. Dunno...just have heard that from multiple Honda owners. Quite possibly the folks here are the sole dealership in the entire country using such deceptive practices. Reckon Honda USA cares?

Link to report:

The report was pretty much as was engine still in break-in mode given the low ICE miles over the life of the car so far. According to the science...they could have left this oil in for at least 6 more months if not longer...sans...

...the curiosity of the 2.5% fuel dilution. Gonna keep an eye on this number but nothing to be overly concerned about at this time. This car is not usually short-tripped in HV mode...thats what EV is for. HV mode is used routinely for longer drives which should get oil temps up. Winter weather is probably a strong contributor. We'll keep an eye on it and time will tell. Would love to see more data points for fuel dilution.

Understanding the Clarity you drive...(ie) EV vs ICE miles...can go a long way in determining what you feel is sufficient for an oil change interval.

Use the maintenance minder? Below is a link which displays data collected off one Clarity over a period of time. Its basically points to the MM being a calendar tracking system using "number of days left till due" logic...and its linear. Nothing fancy nor complicated. A couple are time and mileage based which explains the variability of the numbers collected (non-linear)***

Link to MM data:

Hope this helps.

Good luck to all!

***MM data has been collected of multiple Clarity's and all of them exhibit the same data trend. The plan is to collect data off the same Clarity used in the example during the month of June to double check the findings of February.
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