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New to this forum....I have the standard OEM Charging Cord that came with the car. I was wondering if anyone noticed that the NEMA 5-15P plug is designed to be removed? I also wanted to know if anyone has experience with the 220v version sold in europe and japan? Do they use the same guts inside the box and put a different plug and label on the end for each country or do they make several versions of the box? I can't find any info on the net. I see the UK has the same looking box with a cord with a Type G plug. It would be cool to use my 220v circuit in the garage, by getting a NEMA 5-15 to NEMA 6-15 adaptor and cut my charging time by up to 1/3?

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From what I read on another site, this is apparently possible.

The unit appears to be dual voltage according to ONE person - although the specs say otherwise.

This person that did try out this experiment and removed the 120V plug and replaced it with a 220V plug.
He said he did 1 charge cycle and said it did not get excessively hot.
He put up thermal (infrared) photos to show.

I for one would not tempt fate by having it burn down the garage, car or both....
I just bought a portable EV charger on Craigslist for $100 and it is a dual voltage model (Duosida) which works great and I can sleep at night.
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