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I live on the Western Slope of the Colorado Rocky Mountains and have a '19 Chevy Bolt and '17 Volt. I had planned to flip the Volt for a 2019 before the GM federal tax credit expires, but GM abruptly cut off taking new orders in November (they previously announced that Volt production would cease at the end of March, but nothing about an ordering deadline), and the dealers who have them on their lot or on the way are all now asking at or near MSRP.

I've flipped the Volt twice and made money (thanks to the $5000 Colorado credit!), and just flipped our '17 Bolt for a '19 and made a couple of grand. Now it looks like the Clarity Touring PHEV is the only game in town for me. There are good deals around for '18 Claritys (Claraties?), but I'm wondering if the '19 has any significant improvements, like a set-and-forget regenerative braking control setting.

Any thoughts out there?
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