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Obviously new here with Clarity 'tho long time Honda and Acura owner in past times.
Me: Twice retired, once from 20 years USN and once from 20 years in the retail car business metro Atlanta.
Counting lifetime registrations new and used, I've owned north of 200 cars so I've had great cars and sometimes not so great ones. Does not count motor cycles of which most were Honda.
Last two cars were 2016 Subaru Outback Limited and 2017 Lexus RC350 F/Sport.

Currently my Honda App shows 2778 miles.
With the exception of a nail in my right front too close to the edge to patch (new tire at 350 miles), Watson has been a perfect car. Yep, I name cars that become special to me. With all of the sensors, computers, and electronics controlling virtually the entire car, the name Watson seemed very appropriate :).

One of my strong suites while in the business was product knowledge. I found if you could stand tall with your knowledge of what you sold, your well informed customers were almost always happy and not expecting more from a car than it could give. It's always nice to be able to stand behind your claims when selling.

After much research, I purchased my Clarity from a sales manager that was new to the car as well and impressed me by researching almost every question I had rather than just spitting out a rumor or made up story as so many salespersons do. My local dealer had an addendum sticker for $3500 market adjustment. I wished him luck and purchased for $2500 below original sticker at another dealer who was very happy to have my business. I've read where some have done even better than that, but I wanted the white metallic in Touring trim and they had it. Now I do LOL.

After nearly two months of overnight charging for 10-12 hours on 120v, last week I had a contractor install with a permit a Level II charger (Webasto
32 Amp Level 2 Plug-In EV Charging Station with 25 ft. Charge Cable). It was one of the best rated and also recommended by many EV Auto manufacturers. Now it takes a couple of hours or less.

When I get a couple of photos, I'll post them.

Looking forward to meeting other owners and their experiences.

Jim M
Roswell, GA
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