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Just purchased the Clarity plug in hybrid for the kids. I have 3 coming up on their driving licenses all within the year. I wanted a full electric car, however no reasonable choices nor any deals. Decided on the Clarity- 40-45 miles of EV driving is plenty for them. 2 major gripes I have with this car are the advertised safety features and the ugliness of the car. One of the major reasons I bought a new car for the kids is for the safety features- kids are mentally challenged these days and any help is beneficial especially with the unrelenting traffic of Atlanta. Totally dissappointed. There are no active safety features of this car that are worth it- no blind spot warning, no impending accident safety measures, no cross traffic warning. I have a new Mercedes and my neighbors bought a new Mazda car for the kids. These cars have the aforementioned features that are activated every time the car is turned on and work very well. Many of the Honda's features only work when activating the Adaptive Cruise Control and even then they are terrible.

I am in the process of cleaning up the "ugliness" of the car. I will keep you guys posted.

Otherwise the car is great. By the way, the first day I got the car one of the kids was driving and scraaape. Hit the curb and scraped the wheels. Thank god I purchased the tire and wheel warranty.
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