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New 2021 Clarity Owner

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Hi, I'm new here and excited to learn and participate on this forum about the Honda Clarity. I just purchased my 2021 White pearl Clarity a week ago. I have had several plug-in hybrid vehicles and BEV's including 2012 Volt, 2016 Volt, 2012 Mitsubishi i-Miev, 2014 Chev Spark EV, 2017 Chev Bolt EV, and most recent before the Clarity was a 2019 Subaru Crostrek plug-in hybrid. My location is upstate New York where EV's are not comfortable in the winter climate. I know what to expect but each plug-in hybrid and BEV have their own little pros and cons. Now I will learn what they are for the Clarity. Thanks for allowing me to join the group!!!


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