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New 2020 Clarity FCV Enthusiast

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New 2020 FCV Enthusiast in So Cal
Well, I came to buy, lease Honda's more than 10 years ago. I have owned Accord 6 cyl., Accord Hybrid (3 of those) a CRV (non Hybrid), and a Clarity PHEV which was fantastic. I exchanged the Clarity PHEV for the Fuel Cell on October 29th, 2020 after studying the vehicle and all the other electric and Hydrogen Electric vehicles available in my state of California. The hands down best value is the Honda Clarity FCV. I am not a person of science. I am a salesman. I am sure we all have driven behind a stinky, gas guzzling polluting vehicle (almost on a daily basis) often in our travels. It is not only disgusting it is bad for the lungs.
While the EV market is a very small percentage of cars on the road ways of America, they are growing. As a business man using the tax advantages of deducting milage coupled with the $15,000 in fuel provided by Honda and the 20K annual milage allotment, along with the 21 day luxury rental from Avis the lease deal is a "no brainer." The lease offer beats the competition (I have done comparison shopping on all of them).
However, the 2018 Clarity PHEV was an excellent car: Plug it in after driving around and in the morning, or at at 240 charge station and I was off and running without having to head to the gas station. What I was looking for was more EV range. The Clarity FCV gives me that additional range. The Clarity line exterior may be a little "quirky" in design but when sitting in the car or behind the wheel it is the closest bargain luxury feel car available for my hard earned dollar. My latest fill up gave me a range of 474 miles. Driving around town (stop and go) I average 89.2 MPG. Our latest casual drive along the beach coast line resulted in 102 MPG. The secret is simple: Stay in the right lane, let the "crazies" fly by, soft acceleration, anticipate slowing and soft braking where at all possible. The will get you the hands down best milage for your dollar you are spending on the Clarity whether it is a PHEV or FCV. My Mantra is: "Leave early and enjoy the ride." I am pf the opinion that you cannot drive a Hybrid or Electric or Hydrogen vehicle like an ICE vehicle If you do, you may have wasted your money (just personal opinion).
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