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Hi all,

As an introduction, I am driving my new (leftover) 2018 Clarity 120 miles daily. I got it a week ago and have 1100 miles on it. I bought the car specifically for this commute to reduce my gas costs (was $350/month) and the ACC. I really checked out the Insight and the Model 3. I really liked the Tesla but I'm worried a bit about their longevity and missed the Tesla $7500 window. The InSight CVT didn't impress me very much and the Clarity seemed like a much more refined car. I got the new 2018 Touring for just over 30K before tax.

My commute is aggressive, heavy, fast traffic (I-95 and the Blue Route near Philadelphia). I determined my gas mileage yesterday at 259MPG with charging at home and work. I almost make it to both destinations when the motor comes on with about 10 miles to go. At home I just added a Mustart 40A charger, like folks in this forum said the connection is very tight however it *is* starting to loosen up a bit. I was ready to return it but I'm going to hang in a bit longer. It charges well and finishes at right around 2+ hours. At work we have free Level 2 Chargepoint. Not many lanes of charging at work but I've been successful getting on a charger sometime during the day for a full charge so far.

I love the car, I like not worrying about range vs full-electric. For the few negatives, I also have the wiper "catch" at the left side of the windscreen at almost full travel. I wish the ACC accelerated back up to speed when the car in front of me accelerates again. I also wish the LKA was stronger.

It doesn't look like there is a way for me to figure out if my SB's are up to date, right? Mine is "new" but it's not really "new".


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Hi Pat, from another Pat!

Congrats on the 2018 you were able to find.

If your build date was December 2018 or later like mine, you have most of the updates.
I got lucky by being able to grab mine just off the ship, the same week it showed up on the dealer lot 2018 so no worries about how long the car sat on the lot like others have found...

The problem I have is I recently received the carpool single occupant exemption sticker (CA Clean Air Vehicle HOV sticker) and now the wife took the car away from me for her commute (her commute is longer and more congested)

But the car still has the new car "smell" even after 4 months so I think mine is still "new"...
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