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New 2018 Black Clarity Touring

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Picked up my Clarity Touring 2 days ago. It is a lease but I will likely buy it out so I didn’t buy extra miles like I did with my CRV. I drive 18K/yr but I meticulously maintain my vehicles. I love the technology so the Clarity is so interesting and fun for me. I am coming from a CRV. I will miss having an SUV because of how handy it is with its big cargo carrying capacity and how it could handle the worst NJ snow, potholes, and poor drainage roads.
My perfect vehicle would have the best of the Clarity and the CRV together. Right now I have 3 months left on the CRV and plenty of extra prepaid miles left over so my plan is to use the CRV during this particularly cold winter until the lease runs out then use the Clarity. By May the worst of winter will be barely a memory. One advantage of a standard gas vehicle is plenty of free heat from the engine. When I picked up my Clarity we had -10F and went up to low single digits. The EV range was pathetic but overal gas mileage was respectable even though not as advertised. The poor EV range and MPG is due to the extreme cold. The heat worked well given the extreme cold.
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Welcome aboard!

Yes, the cold weather causing the use of seat heaters and cabin heaters will certainly decrease EV range but that's a small price to pay for comfort and not freezing to death for almost the entire country this past week.

I'm in the same boat - going to buy out the lease at the end of 3 years since the residual value was so low. Plus I am coming from a cross over and miss the higher ride height and AWD traction.

I heard that the Pilot will be coming in as a PHEV with similar drivetrain as our Clarity PHEVs....

That would be a nice transition - just hope they make them with optional AWD...
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