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Loud buzzing when charging

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Hi all,

I'm a brand new owner, taking delivery on my 2020 yesterday. I'm in VA and they are hard to find out east. I logged 150 miles coming home from the dealer. I'm focusing on proper engine break in, so most all miles were HV mode. Thrilled with the car - comfortable and quite. One issue did arise. When I plugged it in (Level 1), I noticed a loud buzzing sound (not immediately). Concerned, I unplugged it for the night, but re-plugged this morning with not problem (just a soft hum). Not my car, but I attach an online video that had exactly the same sound. I've searched the web, but found nothing definitive. All I could find was a suggestion that it was a cooling fan or something to do with the air coolant system. Others suggested it was not normal. I had driven 150 miles and it was very warm in the garage. I hope it's normal and situation specific. Quirks are fine, but long-term damage or safety are not. I can go back to the dealer ( 300 miles RT), but I'm concerned I won't be able to replicate it. Hoping one of you might have had the experience or have thoughts.

Haven't had a new car in 10 years and, certainly, never had anything of this technological level. The Owner's Guide and I are spending the day together.

Thanks much!
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Welcome aboard!

A hot garage will cause the fan to spin and cooling systems to activate to protect the battery.

Happens all the time with my Clarity charging in 100+ degree weather most of the year.

What I do is I charge outside in the evening when it cools down - the fans & cooling systems won't turn on during charging.

No need to stress the battery IMO.
Thank you. That makes me feel much better. It's great to have a resource like the forum and individuals like you.
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