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Key code and Navigation Code

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I recently upgraded from a 15 year old CRV, so that the fact that I can see outside temperature, is a big technological improvement for me. Having said that, where do I find Key code (Radio code) and Navigation code? In my old CRV, if I replace the 12v battery, the car wouldn't work unless I enter Key code (Radio code).

Does that thing still exist?
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To my knowledge, they no longer require a code. Which is good. Someone who has killed or unplugged the 12v battery can correct me, though :)
Being new to the Honda...I was in search of this Navi/Radio code as well especially since it is mentioned just about everywhere for previous Honda vehicles. It is even mentioned on the customer Honda vehicle website.

Since the dealership was clueless...I messaged Honda Customer Service through the customer website and asked that very question. They said the Clarity does not need the Navi/Radio codes. If there is ever a need to simply hold the power button on the unit for several seconds and it will reboot automatically.

Hope this helps.
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