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Just got my 2019 Clarity Plug in

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My Volt has been discontinued so Clarity was highly recommended. Anything I should be aware of?
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I would recommend that you put “volt” in the search field and check out what former volt drivers have to say! I think that will give you the best orientation.
Congrats on getting your new Clarity.
I heard sometimes new models can come with slight imperfections in the paint and bodywork so while you still have paint and body covers its probably best to overlook that.
The Clarity is different than the volt in many ways even though they are both longer range PHEV. The Volt is a smaller and lighter car and the Volt’s electric motors are and designed such that you can effectively drive 100% electric or 100% gas engine if needed. The Clarity’s mission is a little different. It is in my opinion a much nicer car but perhaps less “sporty” than the Volt.

In order to provide a bigger, thus heavier car, and still have great range and economy the Clarity’s electric motors and engine are smaller for its weight and there is a much simpler “transmission” (another topic for another thread). What this means is that while you can do most of your driving electrically there will be more times than the Volt when the gas engine will kick in. It also means the car functions best with at least some battery charge to assist during high load conditions like climbing a hill or you will hear the engine working hard and loudly compared to the Volt.

The challenge comes in that the car is not designed to prevent you from making choices that will work against you in a high load condition like a long steep hill. For example during a hill climb with 0 EV miles asking the engine maintain or charge the battery (HV mode or HV Charge mode) and run a heavy electric demand item like the heat will result in poor acceleration and loud engine noise.

The above scenario is one I hope Honda will at least do some software updates to alleviate the issue. For instance perhaps Honda could do an update that can tell the car during the above situation temporarily prioritize power to go to the motors for acceleration by turning off battery charging HV and HV Charge mode, turn off high demand electric consumers like the heater, switch to sport mode accelerator pedal mapping, start the engine a little sooner, and dip more into the battery reserves.

Until then there are ways to manipulate when you maintain, gain, and use charge or you can just drive it in “normal” and not think about it too much about it.
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My Volt has been discontinued so Clarity was highly recommended. Anything I should be aware of?
HOV stickers take 2 months from DMV.
$1500 CVRP over 3 months.
$1000 SCE over 3 months.
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