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Just found this forum after 3 months with my Cla

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Hi, I was brought here by a link in another forum. :angel:. I bought my Clarity Touring (silver) in January and I', quite happy. I commute 40 miles every day in ECO mode and have put gas only three times (the first one mostly due to the dealer giving me the car with an empty battery and having to drive from North Hollywood to Northridge, and the other two (half the tank each) because of driving out of town, so most of the time I drive pure electric. It has saved me like $500 in gas only, and my electrical bill didn't change significantly compared to the same period last year (I also changed my HVAC). Loving the car so far. I picked the Clarity up over all the competition (made my mind at the LA auto show after jumping into every PHEV on exhibition), a bit tough to choose between the Volt and the Clarity but comfort tilted the balance, together with the incoming demise of the Volt (shame on you GM!). I'm just having some nuisances with the infotaintment: Pandora doesn't work via Bluetooth, have to plug-in my iPhone. Ipod Classics freezes every now and then and have to reboot it. I also miss the backup sensor system and the BMW-ish command knob my old Mazda6 had, but maybe just I was used to them.
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Welcome to Clarity Forum ! :smile:


PS, If you are still using your OE Honda slow 120v EVSE/charger, take a look at my "Level 2 Charging For $20 Dollars !!!" thread.
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