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Everytime I try using my iPod as a source for audio the system takes 60-120 seconds to play. The message in the audio window is "Loading..." during this time. It works flawlessly after loaded. Even if I leave it plugged in, turn the car off, and return a little later it does the same thing. Every other audio source (I haven't tried USB device because I don't have one) comes on almost instantly. It may not seem a long time, but when you are used to a few seconds for sound it is a bit annoying to have to drive a couple of minutes without sound, which seems like an eternity. I have tried the iPod in other vehicles (a Honda Accord, Nissan Sentra, Toyota, Chevy, etc) as I travel often and rent vehicles, and it works instantly in them.
My infotainment system was replaced about four months ago, as it had to reboot every time I started the car, but the iPod loading time was the same before and after replacement.
I love the car, except for that. And a couple of other things I plan on when I offer my one year recap/review.
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