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Name is Bill McLaughlin. Pittsburgh, PA. Own a 2018 Honda Clarity, Touring model. Bought it used in December, but with only 5K miles on it, so it still smells new. Loving it so far. Still haven't used up an entire tank of gas after the first 1,300 miles. Only "con" thus far is the sound when it switches into hybrid mode: like an engine racing. Thankfully, we don't drive in that mode much. That's about it. Very interested in hearing what other Clarity owners are experiencing. Here in Pgh, no one - and I mean NO ONE - has ever even heard of a Clarity. I've only seen two or three others in the area so far. A shame that Honda never advertises it and doesn't sell it much outside of CA.
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Welcome aboard Bill.

Isn't it great to be a unique Honda owner ?

Like driving a rare and exclusive car, I love mine even though it's common in CA, the color is unique for Honda: Black Forest Green metallic...
It is indeed fun.

Mine is just basic black. Didn't really have much choice, but, hey, I'm happy
...and doesn't sell it much outside of CA.
Actually, Honda stopped selling it actively outside of California - although some dealers in other areas will special-order.

Drove mine from MS to PA and back in October (3024 miles) and saw only one other - just south of Harrisburg, with PA plates - during my entire trip. Several people asked me if it was a Crosstour or if it was "the new Accord" and no one had ever heard of "Clarity".
About a week ago on someone mentioning that Claritys were on some Chicago lots I checked and found about 4-6 dealers had 2020's in small numbers.
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