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Does anybody know if there is a way of deliver Honda a "petition list" regarding their infotaintment software? I am starting one here, anyone interested in adding items? They all should be easy program fixing on a Service Bulletin:

1- Why there is no 'Play/Pause button' on USB MP3 playing mode? It exists in all the others.
2-Why using a font so big it wouldn't allow to see the title of a song longer than two words?
3-Any way of improving the resolution of the Garmin maps? I just discovered a navi app called 'Magic Earth' which is the best looking I've seen, it looks amazing on the Clarity (CarPlay), making full use of screen resolution, which seems way better than what the Garmin maps makes it look like.
4-Why can't the USB playing mode deal with playlists from like, for example, Windows Media Player? My old 2014 Mazda had a lousy infotaintment but it could do that.

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I can actually answer question 4 -

The Clarity's Infotainment system is Android 4.1.x. Android was conceived at the height of the Microsoft (under Balmer)/Google animosity so the Android program managers were either told to not support Windows Media Player or made the decision to not support it. This translates into Android not supporting the WMA file format or playlist.

While a lot of Android phones do support this, the base Android OS doesn't.
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5- Why, when browsing the USB folder list, can you not collapse folders?
e.g. with a folder tree like this:
|-> Foo
| |-> Album A
| |-> Album B
|-> Bar
| |-> Album 1
| |-> Album 2

To listen to Album 2 by Bar, I'd have to scroll Foo ⬇ Foo/Album A ⬇ Foo/Album B ⬇ Bar ⬇ Bar/Album 1 ⬇ Bar/Album 2 ✅
Rather than that, I'd like to scroll Foo ⬇ Bar ✅ Album 1 ⬇ Album 2 ✅
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