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I bought the Carlinkit 3.0 after reading everything I could find on the wireless CarPlay dongles. From what I could gather Carlinkit is the original company that developed it and the other license the technology or rebrand the dongles. I bought it from the official website store because if it didn't work it is easy to return it and if you have any questions, they are suport to help you.
Installation was very simple. Plug in the dongle to the USB plug beside the 12V accessory plug in the head unit. The setup screen will appear on the multi info display. Just follow the instructions to pair your iPhone to the dongle via Bluetooth. Once paired, then the next time the car is started, the phone will automatically connect to Carplay and pop up on the headunit screen without any interaction required. The whole connection process is about 30-35 seconds from the moment I start the car (depress brake + press 'START'). I connected it and did the setup and it is working great. The music does sound better in my car with the JBL stereo package than it did using the USB stick or Bluetooth. I was using a USB stick setup just like the Owners Manual from Toyota said to set it up. Had lots of songs that sounded ok but in a random play, it tended to repeat the same songs. I don't have that problem with CarPlay and Carlinkit. All the CarPlay apps I have tried seem to work OK. the only bug I have seen is when the song changes and if I am on the car screen the song title doesn't change. If on the CarPlay screen it does show the current song. If that is the only problem I am happy.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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