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Yesterday I opened the app to check status of charge and found the login was required.

Tried the old credentials without success.

On the Honda site it is listed a new password is needed due to changes made.

I created the new password and had to verify by email. After entering the credentials in the app I was able to login.

However the scheduled charge at 11:30 pm was apparently not started, the car was charging at 7 am.

As I was watching the numbers they all of a sudden was removed and required a refresh which I did and the numbers returned.

I put the phone down for 5 min. and returning I was logged out of the app.

I see Honda is making several changes to the functions like ability to open the trunk remotely fot package carriers to drop items in the trunk, this is listed to a 2 hour window.

Also there is now Alexa commands available?

Also on the web site it list codes can be send to allow navigation to be available?

Not sure what is going on, maybe the app needs updating.
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After further investigation it appears server connection have been lost with this change.

The car did fully charge overnight, the numbers that appeared in the app were cashed.
After further investigation it appears server connection have been lost with this change.

The car did fully charge overnight, the numbers that appeared in the app were cashed.
The charge schedule is stored in the car. The HondaLink app is just used to remotely set the new schedule within the car. For example if your phone is completely powered off the scheduled charge will still take place.

Your incident that the schedule was lost and the next time you plugged in it immediately started charging, normally that occurs only after a hard reboot (disconnecting the 12V battery for a few minutes which clears all previous settings)

Something has definitely changed with my HondaLink starting a few weeks ago. It still works but it has some weird quirks. Note that the range and SOC is always cached on the Honda server, not on our phones. Launching HondaLink causes it to connect to the Honda server via standard Internet to get the latest info that the Honda server has. However the data on the Honda server is only what the car last reported, which the car does only for a few specific events which is mainly:

Start charging.
End charging.
Charging SOC milestones 25, 40, 55, 70, 85, 100.
Turning off the car.
Plugging in a charge cable (even if you don't start charging).
The car is not plugged in when a scheduled charge time arrives.

Note that unplugging the charge cable will not initiate an updated report to the Honda server, only plugging in does.

When any of the above listed events occurs the car "calls" the Honda server on the cellular network and reports the current status including miles and SOC. The "Last Updated" date and time that you see in HondaLink is the last time one of these events occurred that caused the car to call in with updated information.

Status updates are also received whenever the Honda server "calls" the car, which includes the following situations:

Turning on remote climate.
Start charge remotely.
Schedule a charge or modify an existing schedule (see * below)

What has changed recently for me (sometime in the past few weeks) is that many times when I launch HondaLink it gets stuck on the initial general info screen. Normally the general info screen displays for a just a few seconds and then the charge status appears. Now as often as not it just stays on the general info screen. If I close Honda Link then immediately reopen it, it acts normal and within a few seconds shows charge status. So this is a bug in the app.

And now oftentimes even when it does show the charge status screen there are dashed lines in place of miles and SOC. I have seen this before in the past but very rare, now it happens quite often. Even weirder is sometimes it shows charge status for a few seconds but then blanks it out with dashed lines.

Again this is all information that is already stored on the Honda server, so these quirks are entirely related to the connection between the app and the Honda server. It has nothing to do with the connection between the car and the Honda server. I know this because in the above scenarios when I finally get it to display charge status, the Last Update date and time is still the last normal event that caused the car to update the Honda server. Meaning the information for the car was there on the Honda server but the buggy HondaLink app was having a problem displaying it.

* When I want to get current charge status but I don't want to wait for one the above listed events to occur, I go into Schedule Charge then press Modify, but then I don't change the schedule I just press the check mark. The Honda server then calls the car to update the charge schedule within the car (even though the schedule didn't change) and the charge status in HondaLink then gets updated. All of this takes about 45 seconds. Some people claim that Find My Car will cause the charge status to update, but that has never worked for me. In my experience when you turn off the car, along with charge status the car reports its current location. So no need for HondaLink to call the car to get the location since it already has it from when the car was shut off.
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Thanks 2002, the problem is resolved as the server login is now working.

I did get an email from Honda a few weeks ago warning of the need for a password change but did not do it at the time.
Apparently it was forced with whatever changes they are making.
Oh you are looking on the website, I couldn't figure out where you were seeing all of that on the app. The website is for all Honda owners, different cars get different versions of HondaLink. For example other cars obviously don't need charge status in their HondaLink, just as we don't need remote engine start like other cars get. We get what we get, not necessarily all the features that you see on the website. But then again we get HondaLink for free where it seems everyone else has to pay $89 per year for HondaLink, and for extra features like the Amazon feature (available in select cities for Amazon Prime members) it's $110 per year. Not sure how that works, I guess the Amazon driver uses their delivery software to send a command to open your trunk.

Ours does have the send destination to NAV feature that they list on the website, but it's not useful, it uses the Bluetooth connection which means you have to be in the car to send a destination to the NAV. But if you are in the car why not just enter it directly on the infotainment screen which is much faster? Searching for a destination on the app is harder and for some reason it can take up to two minutes to send it to the NAV, and then it doesn't automatically pop into the NAV screen instead it arrives as a message that you have to click on. Much easier to just enter directly in NAV.
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