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HondaLink stuck

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Is there a way to reboot HondaLink on the car? Mine is stuck saying the battery is at 85% and I cannot turn on the climate control. I have restarted the app on my iphone and rebooted the phone with no luck. Thanks!
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Just had this happen to me last night, app just quit working tried various things but just did not work. This morning I backed car out of garage for my wife and turned it off, I told her that she probly would not be able to turn on climate control from the app because it quit working, I thought I would try it again and it was working again so the only thing I can figure is being parked in garage prevented signal from getting out.
It happened to me yesterday.
I think there was an update to the app (iPhone), that caused this.
I too tried to uninstall the app and reinstall, among other things.

I ended up resetting the multimedia system in the Clarity, which seems to have solved the problem.
The one thing I do notice now is that the car status is updated to the last time the car was shut down.
The manual says the climate control cannot be turned on when the car is plugged into a 120 volt line.
My concern about the Honda Link tool is that you can't refresh the charging status, and I have to guess when the charge will be complete.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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