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Hi. My name is Mitch

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Hello all. I have been driving a 2012 Volt and added a used 2018 Clarity last week. Beautiful car and the improvement in ride comfort and quiet vs my Volt is amazing since they both get about the same mileage on gas and the increase from 37mi to 49mi is welcome.

So far I have added sunshades, tint, rubber mats for all horizontal surfaces and a iphone mount.

Dumped the "Secret" diag screen and had a look around the available system parameters. Coming from a volt there isn't much to add/change and searching the web there is only hondahack insofar as modding goes.

Next I will use an under the dash Arduino to pick up the "D", "SPORT", regen "-" and off of the driver's display the "Sport mode". I intend to combined them to synthesize a default Sport mode plus max regen behavior. Weeks of fun ahead. :smile:
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"Secret" diag screen? Where is it and how can I get to it?
Hidden diagnostic screen

Hold the Power + Menu + Night/Brightness buttons simultaneously, it will bring up the hidden diagnostics and settings menu.
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