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Just bought a new 2019 Clarity Plug-In Touring model Thursday 8/15 after 6 years in a Camaro SS (traded it in). Loved the Camaro but it's time to go back into the Hybrid/EV world. Previously owned 2004 Civic Hybrid and 2008 Insight Hybrid and enjoyed working the mileage on those, but always longed for something in the EV world. We've been pretty loyal to Honda, my wife has had the V6 Accord hybrid and now drives the conventional Accord/Touring. I've been tracking the evolution of the Clarity from it's fuel cell roots. Now it's time to embrace it. Looking forward to getting the most from the Clarity and learning from this forum. It is light years removed from those early hybrids I drove.

Most of my driving has been around town, the Accord has been the go to car for traveling and vacation, so I expect to be driving mostly EV. However, I can see the Clarity as a good travel option.

Attached 2 pics, one at the dealer with my Camaro behind it and on my way home today, stopped by Amtrak to check out the charge station. Had to get a couple shots to share with friends.


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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