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Free access to Level II Charging Facilities

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Here in GA, Level II charging facilities are populating the nav screen almost everywhere I drive. Most of them found at government facilities (court house parking for instance) or city parks are set to use one of several apps that will connect you for a minimal fee while you're doing business or walking in the park. Some at Hotels may be free for guests. But there are others with parking reserved for PHEV's and free use.

I thought I'd start this thread where Clarity owners could list the free one's they've found along with other freebies available to PHEV's.

I'm having a lot of fun now shopping at Whole Foods where my local one has 4 reserved spots for electric vehicles. There is no fee to plug in and many of their customers are starting to notice it. If you go there to have lunch (quite a few food options on the self serve line) and then shop for your evening meal, you've probably spent close to an hour plus which is often enough to top off a battery just down 1/2 way. And if you have an Amazon Prime account, the food can be a pretty good deal as well.

Any others with good deal charging tips ???
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I just found out the cell phone lot for the San Diego airport is free! Didn't expect that but nice to know if I pick up someone and go a bit earlier and charge up all of the electricity I expended getting there!
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Here in my small town, the city installed a charging station a block from my home and it is free. I plugin there and walk home and an hour or so later depending on my charge I walk back and pick it up.
Greenville South Carolina

I don't go to Greenville often because it's about 30 minutes away, but when I go there most of the parking garages have Level 2 chargers. The first hour is free, the second hour costs $1.50 and every additional hour is $1.00. Weekends are free.
I use the smartphone apps "ChargePoint" and "EVgo" to look for free charging stations. However, I noticed that neither one has the complete information meaning that some charge stations are not on their list/map.
Have you ever tried the app PlugShare? It is one of the best Apps I have seen listing both free and paid chargers.
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Great idea to look for free access level 2 chargers. Whole Foods is one of them but is glitchy-most of the time I have a problem charging on Blink chargers there. They attempt to start then stop spontaneously for no reason or explanation. Blink support said it’s the car- I wonder if anyone else is having this issue with Blink chargers?
Free chargers are available at the shopping mall parking garages, county sheriff's stations, Whole Foods, Best Buy and city parking structures.

Unfortunately whenever I stop by, most if not all are taken up by either employees whose cars are parked there ALL DAY or else EV cars like Tesla or Leafs that don't need a charge but park there taking up space.
Or if there are charge stations, most are the fast charge DC type.

I am not happy looking for free charging...

Rather pay to get a spot in So Calif.
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