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Fourth hybrid but first PHEV

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Determining which Honda hybrid with more seating than my CR-Z to purchase, after much research and calculation (tax credit included), I took home my new'18 Clarity at the end of March '19. Love the tech and the multiple modes available for driving. It's a great combination of the efficiency of my' 00 Insight, increased capacity over the '03 Civic Hybrid, and performance flexibility similar to the automatic in the '13 CR-Z. Looking forward to getting help from all of you on things I don't understand and, possibly helping if there's something I've discovered. Thanks for creating this space.
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Welcome aboard!

Do let us know which Clarity you got - touring or base - color ?
Sorry for leaving out those important aspects about the specifics of my clarity but was focusing more on all the help I hope to receive in keeping up with all the technical aspects provided. My Clarity is a silver Touring Edition with black interior. Thanks for asking.
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What state are you in? I bought my new 2018 Touring in Georgia in April of this year. It was manufactured 11/18 (mfg date is on driver door jamb). So it was about six months old when I bought it with 16 miles. Huge discount on it so I decided to go with 2018 instead of waiting for 2019, glad I did as it turns out they never released 2019 Clarity outside of California, with the exception of a limited number released in east coast ZEV states in early 2019. Honda hasn't officially announced the 2020 model but we are expecting it will probably only be available in California and Canada.

If all you have is the printed Owners Guide that came with the car, be sure to go online and download the full Owners Manual which is much more informative. Some people have gotten a printed Owners Manual sent to them from Honda but it apparently takes a lot of persistence, personally I prefer having it on my computer anyway so I didn't bother.
I also had 3 hybrids before the Clarity: 2 Civics and an Accord. The hybrid battery went out on both Civics (@ 115,000 and 93,000 miles) and we put 93,000 miles on the 2017 Accord in 2 1/2 years. I liked the Accord very much but became concerned about the potential need for a replacement hybrid battery. I have no regrets moving to the Clarity in June. Best car I've ever owned in my 73 years. Hope you enjoy yours as much.
I'm embarrassed to realize that I had not returned to this "introductory" post in about a year! I'll blame it on, in no particular order, the ensuing pandemic upsetting time, fun road trips, & not-a-good-understanding of how to navigate social media sites(likely a generational issue...I'm retired).
To address your question of my location, I'm in East Tennessee (travel the back roads (occasionally The Dragon) to North Georgia visiting friends. Have regularly used my Clarity for longer trips, as was envisioned, to Buffalo, Tampa, & San Antonio. Just purchased a set of tires & am quite pleased so far with the performance & lack of road noise. Will try to revisit here with info...or maybe find a "forum", or whatever, about Clarity tires. Maybe I'll get "up to speed" pun intended.
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