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For what it's worth... my thoughts...

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Hello. I have had my Clarity for about a month. Have put only 800 miles on it and burned 3 gallons of gasoline so far. I also own a 2012 Chevrolet Volt which I bought new 5 years ago. The Volt has nearly 70,000 miles on it, of which 60,000 were on the battery (about 85% electric). The primary reason I bought the Clarity and will sell the Volt is the size of the car. I'm 6'2" and the Volt has always just seemed a little too small (I absolutely loved the car, though. No problems in the whole time I owned it.) Anyway, the Clarity has really surprised me in how much I like it. I bought the Black to minimize the rear fender look and the touring package because I like leather. I am surprised how quickly I've gotten used to the look and actually am proud of the car's appearance. I really like the interior too. Yeah, like everyone else, I missed the volume knob, but seriously, how big a deal is it to either use the touchscreen or the steering wheel to change volume? Like others I'm sure, I have spent hours thinking about the idea of buying a Tesla Model S, but other than the ability to do 0-60 in 3 seconds, I'm really happy with the Clarity as an alternative. It costs half what a CPO Model S would cost, and I expect to drive it more than 90% on electricity so the amount of gasoline I'll burn over the life of the car will be minimal (It should do better than the Volt and in 5 years I've only burned a little over 200 gallons of gas in it). I know some will drive more long trips and will burn more gas, but for me, that's pretty much how it will work out. So far, I am averaging essentially 60 miles per charge and the little gas I have burned seems to indicate incredible mpg as well (looked like upper 40s at least). Anyway, this car seems so far to be the perfect fit for me. My workplace provides chargers for employees so nearly all my charging is at work. Other comments are that I love the ride and the low noise level of the Clarity, even compared to the Volt. Efficiency (miles/kWh) for the Clarity are actually slightly better than the Volt, even though it is a larger car. I also really like that the Clarity will charge nearly twice as fast as the volt when using 240V charger. Yes, I'll agree that the Clarity isn't perfect. Here's my wish list for future versions:
1) Parking sensors and real blind spot sensor/cross traffic sensor
2) Tracking of actual mpg instead of maximizing at 199 mpg. It's nice to track the actual gallons of gas burned. The Volt shows this on A or B trip tracking if you don't reset so it will show lifetime on one of them.
3) More guidance on how long you can keep gas in the tank without burning. Honda has just dodged this issue so far. Not sure I love the Volt's "burning gas for maintenance" that it does every now and then, but at least Chevrolet attempted to address the issue.
4) I'd like to see the actual tire pressure in each tire (the Volt does this on the display), instead of the just the idiot TPMS light.
5) I've complained about the "meep, meep" horn, but that's not a big pain or expense to change out. There's a post string on this forum that somewhat describes my experience replacing them with real horns.
6) Like others, I really wish the regenerative braking level could be set and maintained in EV mode like it can in Sport mode.
That's my list of things I've noticed over the first month of driving. I don't think that is very bad for the first offering of this car. I firmly believe the Clarity was the best option for me so far.
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Just want to say ditto. I also use almost only electric, now over 6,000 miles in about 20 gallons of gas. I love this car and share the same wishlist of improvements.
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"I'd like to see the actual tire pressure in each tire (the Volt does this on the display), instead of the just the idiot TPMS light"

I put this TPMS system on my car: Vesafe Universal Solar TPMS. I just keep the monitor in the console. Look at it once a week or so.

For a first year production car, this car really hits the top marks.

I have the base model because I don't need GPS, power seats, etc for a daily commute car for myself.

But I am surprised to see standard equipment offering so much more for a base vehicle: 18" wheels, LED headlights, LED DRL, LED rear lights, amber turn signal, CarPlay/AA, seat heaters, tire mobility kit, USB ports, etc..

Honda really did a great job with this model - I am actually still amazed people are not snapping them up left and right......
I too came from a Volt. Loved the car. The only reason I didn't get another one is the dealers refused to offer a reasonable lease or lower the price. I'm happy with the Clarity, much roomier and more features. I don't like that you can't have regenerative braking on all the time in EV mode like you could in the Volt and the Volt didn't use the ICE when you put the pedal to the floor. Why GM didn't promote the Volt I have no idea. If you visit a Volt forum you will find universal love for the car. Very happy with the Clarity however.

Like 4SallyPat, I too cannot figure why Honda isn't promoting this car more and why people are not snapping them up. We have no regrets purchasing this vehicle and since most my of driving is done locally, I rarely use gas. We also considered the Tesla Model 3 but liked the having the backup ICE engine, just in case. I ditto the wish list above and in additional would add a sunroof, left turn video (I've really gotten use to having that right turn video display), BSM, and can't they please move the cup holders up just a smidge (hits the lid on the console). My only bug-a-boo.. the angry ICE engine at times, which I've now learned how to avoid.
Oh, by the way, here's a really good review of the Clarity. It's in two parts.. this is part 1, but it has a link to part 2.
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