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Good thought
Sadly, not yet at least for us. But I bet it's logged somewhere on a chip and the shop can see it. Earlier in the year, I did a survey on the car and wish I'd have thought to add that one. For many of us that drive maybe 75% or more on battery, that could be really helpful when deciding when to change the oil. If enough people make noise in that regard it would make sense to add it in future models. Probably wouldn't add enough to the cost to worry about if it had value. Another display and the wiring and then of course testing to make sure it wouldn't foul something up on the same circuit :grin:.

I purchased my clarity in June. I use it mostly in electric, but I've taken it on a few road trips that were mostly hybrid.
Is there any way to display how many miles the gas engine has on it?

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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