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Falling Clarity trunk lid

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I use a stand-alone cane to hold up the trunk lid on windy days or when parked facing up on an incline. With my Accord, a Honda service department installed a stronger spring to keep the lid from falling. The stronger spring rod was available for whale-tail equipped trunk lids.
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There’s a stronger spring available with the accessory rear spoiler but I do not know the part number for it.
Thanks for the reply which could help others, especially those who live on a hill with a steep driveway. Perhaps a Honda service department would allow a customer to order the stronger spring without the rear spoiler. The Clarity trunk lid is not as heavy as the 2007 Accord trunk lid. I did not have a spoiler on my Accord, but I got the stronger spring installed.
Tom H
My dealer was able to obtain the spring associated with the spoiler and install it under warranty. (2018 Clarity). It was fine for a couple years but recently I've been hit on the head by the lid again.
I will just make a small point for not having a stronger spring (I’m not disagreeing with what has been said, just making a point that perhaps someone hasn’t thought about). If the spring is strong enough to raise the trunk lid on its own by simply unlatching the trunk, then suppose you are coming out of the grocery store with your bags on a very windy day and you pop the trunk remotely and the lid pops up and gets caught by the wind? Just a thought…
I can tell you from experience that the stronger spring doesn't open the trunk more than a couple of inches when unlocked.
I think if the wind is strong enough to damage the lid when opened, that is a wind I wouldn't want to be out in and wouldn't want to be near the trunk lid no matter what the spring strength.
I can tell you from experience that you can’t always control whether the wind is going to kick up while you’re driving around. I had a Honda van once and it was pretty windy outside. When I opened the door it pulled the door right out of my hand and jammed it against the stop on the hinge. That door never closed or sealed exactly right after that.

What would probably be nice is a gas filled spring/strut or two. Kind of like a storm door closer in reverse.
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Because of apparent problems with the stronger trunk spring, I found that the Medline cane show below (with a spongy hand grip) fits as a support for the 2019 PHEV Clarity, but it is not ideal because it can be easily dislodged. Perhaps 2 expandable curtain rods would be more secure and a spring-loaded jack for those who want the lid to popup fully. Where is an MIT engineer when you need one?

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