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External Electricity Supply Unit?

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At this webpage Honda Global | Sport Hybrid i-MMD - Picture Book

I found this statement item:
Use as Electric Generator in case of Emergency
Use as Electric Generator in case of Emergency

Honda's PHEVs can act as an AC100V power source, by connecting an external electricity supply unit. 3.0kW can be supplied for 27 hours with engine-powered electricity generation. (External Electricity Supply units are specific to each model.)

I would love this device. 3.0kW for 27 hours would be a great thing to have in the case of a power outage. Does anyone know anything about this ?
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Very interesting accessory for a Honda PHEV.

Reading thru the link, I can see that this was designed for the Japanese market.

100VAC is the tip off (Japan household voltage is 100V 50Hz or 60Hz).

Probably a not happening here in the USA as the Clarity severely restricted compared to Japan...

FWIW, I am ordering the new Ford Lightning EV truck next month and it has 9.6kWh outboard ability to power my house during outages.....
From what I can tell this device connects to the car using the CHAdeMo connection which is a high speed DC charging connector that only the Japanese Clarity has.
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