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EV drivers are interesting to say the least! Took 600 mile road rally trip from LA to Las Vegas.

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An event I joined this past weekend was quite fun and interested to meet other EV drivers (mostly Tesla).

Event was sponsored by a variety of vendors and the prize raffle were very good.

About 60+ EV drivers met in Fontana, drove to Baker, CA to all recharge (causing a huge backlog) at the Tesla SC and EA DCFC stations.

Then off to Jean for an obligatory highway 95 single file, drone video to Las Vegas.

The next day, we met at a LV Tesla SC station and drove to Hoover Dam for another road trip that turned many heads as we filled up a parking lot....

There were a total of: 2 Ford Lightnings, 2 Lucid Air, 1 Polestar 2, 1 Chevy Bolt, and 50+ Tesla (X,S,3,Y).

Looking forward to the next event!

Here's a video they made summarizing the event.

My Lightning (#29) shows at time marker: 2:30

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