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Just got a wireless CarPlay adapter and it can do different things like youtube Netflix. the CarPlay system itself can not do it. but can piggyback the CarPlay interface in your vehicle. Bending the truth a little bit it's not really CarPlay because my phone's here but it's using the apple CarPlay interface and network for the media box to then jump in do what it needs to do with the apps through the play store so that you sort of have a roundabout way.

Watching live tv through the media box out on our 2018 Clarity runs perfectly and I've been the truth a little bit it's not apple CarPlay it's using the network as It allows you to watch live tv or download any apps from the google play store. This is super cool!

Here's the one. EDITED by MODERATOR

Besides, I found there's a wireless adapter coming with a phone cast of the tv screen, which means allowing cast YouTube to your car's display, but there's no google store.

The price is much more reasonable. Gonna place an order for my girlfriend, there's a coupon of 10% off, found from Deal. [Code: SMART10%]

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